Saturday, February 9, 2013

The winners are

What a lovely responses to the lace give away. I decided to do add a mystery lace to the drawing and did a draw in three groups: those who favored the cream lace, the black one and those who didn’t express a preference (most of you). And to those who didn’t ‘win’  this time: I will repeat this at the end of the month. Sort of celebrating (almost) six years of blogging and sharing sewing and sewing friendships.

The draw resulted in the following:

the cream lace is for Sarah Leeming

the black for Helene

the ?? for Knitmachinequeen

Ladies, please send an email to isedl at yahoo dot com with your address, I will send the lace to you this week.

And to answer a few questions: I don’t often have trouble with the lace seeing through my garments. That said I must say that I usually don’t wear my tops very tight fitting. Color is more often a problem showing through than the lace structure. It also depends on the “height”  of the embroidered lace.

And Knitmachinequeen: I have had my problems with fitting and still occassionally have with a new design. Basically I’m happy with the band pattern and if I try a new cup style (which I will do on one of my next bra’s again), I still use the band pattern and make sure the cup fits into that. A little trick/tip: lace with a bit of stretch are more forgiving than non-stretch lace. With my cup size I don’t use material with a lot of stretch or I interface them, but no stretch at all makes fitting more difficult.


  1. Sigrid - how fantastic to win!!! I am so excited. I sent you an email with my home address. Thank you so much!

  2. Yippee! I won something. Thanks for answering my question. I'll keep at it until I'm successful. Thanks again.