Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A little while ago I announced on the Sewing tutorials blog that I have stopped updating that site and will eventually take it down. I have realised though that I will miss some of those tutorials myself as well and want to keep a few links. So I started to use my Pinterest account more and started saving the links there, including a few links to my own tutorials (how vain).

For those interested I added a link to my Pinterest account on the sidebar. It’s a personal selection, I’m not trying to be complete in any way and will add to it occassionally. It’s quite a bit easier to do than the format I have on the blog, which might make for adding pins regularly.


  1. Thank you Sigrid!! I love browsing through your list of tutorials!

  2. This is wonderful, Sigrid. Thank you so much. I have a tutorial board and it gets more activity than any of my other boards. This morning I decided, after checking it, that sewing is definitely back. There are loads of new sewists pinning these tutorials and I think it is just wonderful.

    Pinterest now has secret boards as well if there are things you just want to keep stored for yourself.

  3. Thanks for sharing your pinterest account. I appreciate your good tutorials list.

  4. I appreciate your tutorials and all your posts - thanks to you I have fallen in love with sewing bras. I ordered the Sewy Rebecca pattern and couldn't translate the instructions into English well (or even adequately), but was able to power ahead after re-reading your archives! Thanks for all the time and energy you put into your sewing posts.