Sunday, November 25, 2012

2 of 3 projects done

My week was very different from what I hoped and expected. Not a lot of time to sew after all. Work, having dinner with a friend, friends to dinner yesterday evening, daughter needing to be cheered up, unexpected  visit to doctor with my son. Well, that sums op my week. All’s good now, but it gave a little bit of stress and not a lot of time to sew. But… 2 of the 3 projects finished. They both only needed about an hour to finish after I left them in an unfinished state earlier on.


First projects is a pj top. Nothing complicated. The fabric was given to me in the sewing weekend in the UK recently and is a lovely, soft cotton. I didn’t make sewing life more complicated and omitted the piping that is in the pattern envelope pictures. Too much hassle. The buttons are all a bit different (accidently thrown away a detail shot). A danish clothing brand always attached a button to the labels on their garments, even if it was only a t-shirt. I kept those buttons and now used them on this pj top, that’s why one is different in color than the others.


The other project was a bra I started in the UK weekend. Now I still have the panties to make (which was not the 3rd project to finish). I will make those next, so as not to keep this bra unworn too long.

Dressform pictures of a colour that I couldn’t name, but Pauline calls “mink". The lycra has some shine on it and is a nice match with the lace.



The inside: powernet in the side/back to give more support, the lycra is too thin to give me enough support. As always the under and side pieces of the cups are interfaced as well.


  1. Gorgeous bra and very nice jammy top. You must have one awesome lingerie drawer!

  2. Lovely bra. A nice basic colour that can be worn under anything, and yet, still so pretty.

  3. Every time I see a new bra you've made I think it's even nicer than the last one. You really have a talent for picking gorgeous fabrics for your lingerie.

  4. Gorgeous fabrics. The bra is beautiful.

  5. Love the colour of the bra, very classy. Beautiful work too.

  6. Glad to see you got these finished - both turned out beautifully.

  7. This reminds me I need some new jammies, too. The bra is lovely, so elegant and classic. I love the lace direction. Your bras really inspire me!

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  9. I'm always envious of your lingerie and the fact that you might post pictures of your lingerie stash made my heart skip a beat. This is of course another lovely!

  10. Prachtige bh Sigrid, ik heb het kantje in het paars.

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  12. Lovely items. Is the bra from your Sewy Rebecca pattern? It is gorgeous! I love the material.