Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Next project, a jacket

Thank you for all the nice comments on my recent posts. It’s so good to read them and hear from you. Carolyn, I was thinking of you when I wrote about having/sewing more dresses than in the years before. You’re the queen of (gorgeous) dresses.

Valerie, the dress pattern is made for knits, it’s very BurdaStyle to use a zipper in a knit. The dress will be good in a woven too, but then you probably will need the zipper.


My next project will be a more complicated one, a jacket from the December 2009 Burda. Basically the one on the right, still on the fence whether to make cuffs or not, like the version on the left. The pockets are out because of the inability to get the same zipper type as the long front zipper for the pockets. Well, they would be only there for decoration mainly (I hardly use a pocket in a jacket), and the fabric would have made it fairly difficult, so no problem not to sew the pockets Knipogende emoticon.



My fabric is a bouclé-like fabric with grey, off-white, sand and a little shimmer in it. The fabric goes very well together with the grey jeans of last week. The off-white fabric in the picture is a heavy cotton stretch suited for trousers. Don’t know yet which style trousers I should make. It’s a dressier fabric than denim. Would it work with a jeans pattern?

fabric jacket

When looking for patterns for the jacket, having this type of jacket in mind, I knew that I had two or three in the Burda issues over the years. What I had completely forgotten was that I even traced this pattern and made the necessary changes for me already, including an fba! When flipping through the magazines this was there ready for cutting. Which I did two weeks ago. Some minor tweaking had to be done to waist, hip and back but I’m ready to cut in the final fabric.

I have no photographer near at the moment and the self timer pictures were horrible, so I’ll post muslin pictures later.

Still a lot of decisions to make on the construction of the jacket. shall I interline it, quilt it, which interfacing etc.

More next time…..


  1. Love that fabric its very Linton Tweed and would work well with quilting.... I think the other fabric will adapt very well to a jean pattern.

  2. Sigrid, this jacket will be fabulous, a great fabric/pattern match and so versatile. Quilting would be lovely on the back and side pieces. Having a facing at the CF would also get around seam/zip difficulties that could be tricky if the entire jacket is quilted. Looking forward to seeing what you decide and how it all comes together. I envisage quite a special jacket :)

  3. This is really funny. I decided to use the front and collar of this pattern to alter the pattern from my black bloucle motorcycle jacket to make a black leather jacket. Great minds etc. Same pattern, two very different looks.

  4. I go without the cuffs. I've noticed a lot of this style of jacket in our stores, but none have cuffs.

  5. The fabrics is great, and I think it will leoo better without the cuffs and the "shoulder pards".

  6. I really like that fabric but would love to see it with the zipper pockets . I think that it would give it a real lift and make it a bit edgier . . I made a biker jacket and actually went to a commercial haberdashery shop and managed to get all the zips to match also you could look online . Of course it will look great with the jeans especially with all the zippers !!!

  7. How wonderful to find out you have already done some of the hard work on the pattern! I think this is going to be a very cool jacket: chanel meets motorbike!

  8. I also have this jacket in my queue! I'm planning on a black silk brocade for mine.

  9. I think I just bought that pattern in an envelope. I love the style and can't wait to see your finished version.


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