Monday, September 10, 2012

A lovely weekend

This weekend I spent in the UK, visiting Pauline. I went on Friday late in the afternoon, had a lovely evening with her, her Mike and 4 former work colleagues. See her post for a picture. On Saturday we met with Clare, (Clareew on Pattern Review) who I have met before on two meet-ups last year in Brussels and The Netherlands.

We went to Walthamstow market with some great bargains for fabric and went to the Prima Magazine sewing and knitting show. We arrived late and it wasn’t very busy (any more), but had a good opportunity to buy even more fabrics (nothing so encouraging as sewing buddies, Pauline’s still cross at us for sharing the last 4 meters of a bolt of fabric between us without leaving anything for her. Just kidding of course). On the Sunday afternoon Pauline flew back with me to the Netherlands as she had to be here for work on Monday, and helped me fitting the muslin of the jacket and couture dress.


Thank you  both for a very special weekend!

Clare on the left and Pauline on the right at a stall with Vogue/Butterick and mcCalls patterns. I only bought 2!

Camera had a bit strange perspective in this one.


Though I only bought 2 patterns, I bought more fabric. It is all black/white/ sand/ivory shades. I’m a bit dull in my color choices, or lack of color.

Perhaps it is time for a fabric diet? This is not even all from this weekend and I bought two (more colorful) fabrics on a fabric market in the Netherlands last week. Before I have sewn all that….





  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love that black tweedy looking fabric. Just my kind of fabric. The rest looks like the components of a great wardrobe. All of this will certainly go with some bright accent colors and most of your wardrobe, which is the way I tend to shop for fabric.

  2. What a wonderful weekend! Your fabrics are fabulous and I would be hard put to say which I liked best.

  3. nice fabric and if I could find the envy button I would press it

  4. Those are wonderful collections of fabrics. Have fun sewing then up.

  5. These are lovely fabric choices! Nothing dull about flattering, wearable fabric.
    I live close-ish to Walthamstow market, but never find anything there. Just lots of cheap polyester. So I always trek all the way to Goldhawk Road where I can always find something I like. I am impressed with what you have found. I need to try Walthamstow again! ...or maybe you bought it all at the Prima Magazine show?

  6. ha ha we did have fun - now I am home, I need to get my hands on my haul


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