Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vogue 1223 – a summer dress

I finished the summer dress, I took out the extra width in the side seams only and it was quite good that way. Though I’m not that crazy about the pattern, even if the size would have been good in the first place.

On the right side there are long pleats that give shape to the bodice and extra space to the skirt. The pleats are there on the left front panel too, but only stitched partially.  The instructions are for sewing from the bottom and top till the large squares.


It gave a strange effect and I closed the whole pleat, which in the end would have meant the left front could have been a piece without folds.

On the picture on the envelope you can see the pleats, but I only noticed them while constructing this pattern.

The neckline is deep, also visible on the envelope, for me this is a dress now that I can't wear easily without something underneath. Not a good feature for a summer dress like this. My photographer (aka as dear daughter) took pictures with a lot of space around me, so I had to take crop quite a bit. Hence the not so large pictures. You’ll get the idea.

Other garments have been sewn in the meantime too! I’ve been productive for the first time in months. Stay tuned.




  1. Lovely dress! You did a good job of dealing with the fit issues.

  2. The dress looks great on you. Good save. Love the red shoes with it.

  3. Very pretty dress on you, Sigrid. Love how the shoes pop the whole look.

    I think I would have sewn those pleats shut as well. Maybe next time fold them out for that side and just cut a "flat" bodice?

  4. Beautiful! I love black and white prints. Maybe you can add a modesty panel instead of having to wear a camisole underneath?

  5. Beautiful! I love black and white prints. Maybe you can add a modesty panel instead of having to wear a camisole underneath?

  6. I can't see the details very well in your pictures, but the overall shape and fit of the dress are good and you look good in it too. I'm not big chested, so I normally don't worry much about low necklines, but a lot of sewing patterns lately have plunged so far that I have trouble finding a bra I can wear with them! I either need to find a comfortable specialist bra, or start raising necklines automatically when I sew.

  7. That is a very pretty summerdress. I'm glad you were able to work out the fitting-issues. They are always a challenge but make us feel proud of ourselves if we defeat them.
    The weather forecast is great so maybe you can wear it very soon.
    Looking forward to see your other garments!

  8. I second the modesty panel. The dress is super cute, so hopefully you figure out something so that you can feel comfortable wearing it! :-)

  9. Looks quite modest to me. Its a beautiful dress.