Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trousers - almost finished

What a lot of (long) comments on my Burda post. Thank you, it was so nice to read all your opinions about it. I keep hoping Burda will publish something fashionable and interesting again soon. I've been working on a pair of trousers, inspired by a rtw linen pair I bought this summer and was happy with . It was a bit lower style than I usually wear/make and the fit was good. But it shrunk a bit when washing and I couldn't really copy it. So I browsed my Burda (!) magazines and found a similar style in the May 2006 issue.


I made a muslin and to my great surprise it almost fitted as it was. I only had to let out the side seams at hip height a bit extra.  I don’t have pictures of muslin or trousers yet, but I am very happy wiith how it looks in general and especially on the inside. I like a good inside finish.

The fabric is a very beautiful, thin wool and I interfaced till the knee. It will be my first “fall” project.


Like I did before I changed the pattern for the waistband so that the center seam is transferred to the inside.

The zipper has a fly shield.

Hope to show finished pictures later this week.


  1. These look really nice! I love tailored pants!


  2. OMG I wish the insides of my home-made trousers looked so neat and professional! I'm sure these will be great trousers for you when they're finished.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Do you have a tutorial about transferring that seam? If so, what is it called?

  4. Beautiful work. Thank you for showing the details, I have learned quite a bit from you.


  5. Interesting pattern and beautifully sewn! I saw something similar in Burda Magazine February 2009, #132. It is specifically for fabrics with stretch. Does it look like your pattern?

  6. Beautifully finished on the inside.

  7. Oh, that looks nice so far. What a perfect finish from the inside - clean and neat.