Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pants again

Let me start with showing a picture of the two pattern pieces for the right side waistband. The lower is the outside (good) fabrid, the smaller the inside. I made similar alterations for the left side of it.

As you can see, it is a shaped waistband, so Katherine h, you can try this too if you would want to. Not the complete waistband is cut on the fold, only the center front partially.

A detail from the finished waistband.

As interfacing I user the Pro Tailor deluxe interfacing from SewExciting. Mici asked what was so special about Pam’s interfacing. Well, the quality is outstanding, it’s much better than the vlieseline that is available here and it’s great value for money. It’s 150 cm wide too, while vlieseline is only 90 cm wide. And she has a sale now!

The inside with lining and zipper fly.

I like garments that look good inside too, even if I'm the only one who ever sees this. This was something I found disappointing in David Page Coffin's book, as he never uses lining, and doesn't care much about the look on the inside.

Pictures from my pants are not very good, to show you something of the details I had to alter the images a lot. Daylight pictures are difficult now. I wore these pants today, and they feel very good. The wrinkling is not to be fussed about. As pants shape differently with every move you make, there will always be a wrinkle/pleat somehow, but I think that this quite good.


A fysiotherapist concluded a few months ago that my left leg is a bit longer than my right leg. It’s strange to see that reflected in the pictures I make for my blog. I’ve noticed before, and you can see it here again too. For the picture I show it with my shirt tucked in,  but normally I wouldn’t wear it like that. Today I wore it with a short jacket that I made two years ago.

To conclude a reply to Rebeca, who commented on my previous post yesterday, asking for help finding a free pattern: Rebeca, I think you get a better response to a question like this if you post it in a more general sewing forum like Stitchers Guild or Pattern Review. The comment section of my blog won’t get that much attention. For the shirt you’re looking for and the purpose (costume), I would go for a t shirt and a rectangular piece of fabric for the cowl, if possible/necessary  cut on the bias.  Good luck finding/making what you need.


  1. thank you for posting this -- I didn't get your drift from your previous post.

    On the interfacing: thanks for mentioning your source. I am already so much happier with Vlieseline products of 2009 in comparison to what we had back in the mid-eighties, which is the last time I had used interfacing. But I guess once I will have used up my current stock of interfacing in different weights, I will try out your recommendation.

  2. Those are a beautiful pair of pants. We all have a figure flaw. I have a high hip which shows with tucked-in tops. So, I just don't tuck!

  3. These are beautiful--both inside and out! The fit, construction, and style are all "spot on." You will get much enjoyment from this pair of pants.

    Great job!

    Lynda in LV

  4. You have acheived a wonderful fit with these pants. They look very comfortable and they are beautiful.I also like the inside to be finished and to look as good as they can :) I like the waistband technique and will remember it for my next pair. Thank you.

  5. I forgot to mention I also used the Pro Tailor interfacing on my jeans wasitband and I absolutely loved it too :)

  6. Dear Sigrid,

    I'm flattered and blushing because you've mentioned my comment in the main body of your post! Thank you for your attention and your suggestions!

    I knew that the comments section of someone's blog wasn't the best place to ask for help, party because of the little exposure I could get, and partly because I feared you could consider it invasive. I'm glad that you didn't. I just didn't know about any forums where I could ask for help. Thanks to you, I do now. It's amazing to see how many wonderful sewers are out there willing to help.

    As for the cowl neck sweater, I managed to find a good pattern here, and I guessed I should cut a rectangle for the cowl neck, but I had never thought of cutting it on the bias, thank you!!

    And regarding your pants... I think they fit wonderfully! And I understand that feeling of loving to see a beautiful lining too, even if you're the only person to see it. Although I don't know if I would bother. We'll see when I try do sew my first pants.

    Thank you very much for your help, I'm going to check those forums! Best wishes, Rebeca

  7. Thank-you Sigrid...obviously I didn't understand what you meant in the previous post, now I do. I have seen this technique before, in Vogue 2907 Alice & Olivia trousers. I thought it was a good one, then was surprised that none of the other Alice & Olivia patterns that I have used this method. Thank-you for bringing it to our attention. Lovely pants. You have such a tiny waist!

  8. These are great Sigrid! That waistband is wonderful and I can't wait to try it. The fit is beautiful, probably the best I've seen in your posts on pants. Brava!

  9. I think those pants fit really well. You're right, any slight movement in the trousers and you've got a new set of wrinkles.

    David Coffin's pants book is on my Christmas list. If I can glean a few little tips from it I'll be happy.

  10. Your pants look great. I love the fabric you used for the facing! As my sewing skills improve, I have become more particular about the insides of my garments also!