Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Patrones for DD

Thank you for all your compliments and tips on wearing for the pants. DD wore them today, and thinks they're fine. I'm pretty sure your comments helped in her positive attitude.

Before going back to sewing for myself I'm making DD a blouse from the same Patrones issue as the pants. It's her birthday next Sunday, and though I don't make her new birthday clothes each year, I've done it regularly. This year I promised to make her this blouse.


It is a blouse with back yoke, collar with stand, darts in front and back and a special ruche at the front. I made the ruche first with the pattern part, but it was too wide. Then I just cut a 4 cm wide bias strip of fabric, made a rolled hem with my new serger (I bought a Bernina again, I'll write a post about it another time) and gathered that strip to the front. We both think this is much better, certainly with the plaid, which looks strange in the first version, on the left.

The fabric is cotton with a metallic thread, and when you press it using steam, there are threads in it that shrink, making the overall appearance a little wrinkled.

Summerset, I took another look at your posts of the Easter suit, I love the jacket even more. I hadn't realized that you had made it already, as at the time you made it, I didn't have the Patrones issue myself. Same for the pants. I'm going to read your posts in detail once I get to this pattern. And Matrosehase, I'll make a muslin for sure, so that I can check fit and the size of the collar. Thank you for the warning, I'll pay extra attention to that.

Vicky: Patrones does have line drawings, and a cutting layout with each pattern. Finding the pattern pieces is just as easy (or difficult as you like) as with BWOF. But BWOF has instructions in different languages, depending on the country you live, while Patrones is only available in Spanish.


  1. Sigrid, this is a wonderful blouse. I really like the design and your fabric, your dd will love it.

  2. Lucky DD! I agree that the changes you made to the ruffle look much better than the original

  3. Wow! The pic on the right looks great. The front looks so much neater and stylish with the changes. What a great look!

  4. Very cute blouse. I agree the one on the right seems to be more like the model photo from the magazine. Much better choice.

  5. Sigrid, that plaid fabric is the perfect choice for this blouse! The ruffle looks wonderful too!

  6. Sigrid .- pretty blouse. I do love the effect of this crumpled tissue. Best wishes, Paco