Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pants and jacket news

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Sunday wasn't my lucky day. The back of the jacket had shrunk so significantly, that I can not make the jacket from the green fabric. I just had enough to cut this jacket once, so no possibility of cutting the back from another part. But I do want that jacket, so I'm going to try to find a replacing fabric. Will not be the same, as I bought it last year in a shop closing sale. My feelings were really low after I found out.

But I have two pictures to share of the pants I made, based on the same pattern as the linen pants, but I redrafted the pocket area.

The pants are finished, but the flash light made no good picture, so I hope to make a better picture soon in daylight.
Zondag was niet mijn dag. Het achterpand van m'n groene jasje bleek zo gekrompen, dat ik het niet meer van die stof kan maken. Ik had precies genoeg van de stof, dus geen kans om het achterpand nogmaals te knippen. Maar ik ga op zoek naar vergelijkbare stof, want ik wil het jasje heel graag maken. Hetzelfde zal het niet worden, deze stof heb ik vorig jaar gekocht in een opheffingsuitverkoop.
Ik was knap chagrijnig toen ik het krimpen ontdekte.

Maar hier twee foto's van de broek die ik gemaakt heb, gebaseerd op hetzelfde patroon als de linnen broek. De zakken aan de voorkant heb ik zelf anders ingetekend.

De broek is af, maar de foto met flitslicht zag er niet goed uit. Ik probeer de komende dagen een goede foto bij daglicht te maken.


  1. Oh no! That's too bad, I know you really wanted that jacket.

    I love the details on your pants - the trim detail on the pockets and the buttons are really interesting and different.

  2. Oh No! Any chance of making the missing piece from a co ordinating fabric and then adding it somewhere else?

    Love those details on the pants - really nice. When I get to making pants, I will be copying too!

    Also, I received an excellent blog award and now get to nominate 10 blogs for that award as well. I nominated you for the award! Love your blog.

  3. Oh I am so sorry about the fabric and the jacket. The pictures of your pants are fantastic details once again, Sigrid.

  4. Het detail van uw broek vind ik heel mooi! Ik ben geïnspireerd. Ik volg Uw Blog al een tijdje, en vind alles wat u maakt heel erg mooi, mijn complimenten.

    Groeten van Joy.

  5. Oh sorry for that misfortune, Sigrid.
    The good part is that the details on your pants pocket look really beautiful!

  6. Yes, that's too bad about your jacket, but your pants are looking very good.

  7. Your pants and the details are awesome! I'm sorry about the jacket fabric--but also wondered if you could use a contrast fabric for the back and use piping or belt to bring it together with the other fabric? Too much of a hodge podge?

    Your work is always beautiful!

    Lynda in LV

  8. Sigrid .- is a pity his jacket, sure you will find another beautiful cloth for clothing. I hope so. The perfect trousers. Greetings. Paco

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your green fabric... I hope you'll find a replacing fabric you like.
    On another matter, these pants pockets are amazing! Congratulations!!!

  10. I love the new design line on the pocket.
    Meahwhile, I'm sorry to hear about the shrinkage for the jacket. ;(

  11. I'm so sorry about your jacket, I know how you must be feeling about this... I hope you find a good replacing fabric and that this setback will be forgotten soon.

    The pocket details are awesome! Well done! I like how you rounded the pocket opening, it looks great!


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