Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dress finished (with 3 hours to spare)

The story of this dress:

  • 3 weeks ago I ran with sewing friends, we had seen this dress in the online previews and all liked it. The idea was born to all make the dress for our upcoming trip to Paris (this weekend) and see all the different takes on it
  • Nice idea, then the dress turned out to be petite sized, not my sizing :(
  • I started following a sewing course recently for fitting and started pattern drafting
  • Thought: I can do this, re-draft the pattern for me on my own measurements, plenty of time (not a lot of experience, but hey, should/could be better than trying to alter a petite size, I have to alter patterns anyhow.)
  • Two drafts and muslins made (see previous posts)
  • Last week: making the dress, plenty of time, my work agenda is not as full as usual
  • Reality: last minute work jobs come into my planning (what’s new my family is asking), my train to Paris is leaving Thursday afternoon
  • Wednesday thought: I can finish the lining tonight… the small work job I wanted to finish took a bit more time, at 11 pm I’m not up to attaching a lining any more
  • Thursday morning: the lining is attached, 10.30 am the dress IS FINISHED, with 3 hours to spare, ENOUGH time to print the tickets for the train (done), write a quick blog post, pack my bag (I have a small list of what not to forget) and go off to Paris…..

To those of the group who could not make it this time: we will miss you!

If you think of making this dress: Burda instructions are very difficult and hard to follow, I’ve already uploaded my construction photos here. I wanted to make the front and back separate and sew together in a later stage than the Burda instructions. The crucial thing is that you have to attach the front facings earlier than normal. I chose to leave the top part of the seam of the facing open till later, which made construction a lot easier . Burda gives this pattern 3 dots for the difficulty level, but I should certainly give it 4 dots. It’s complicated.


See you later with stories of Paris, hopefully photos of the dress on me and maybe other variations, I’ve already seen a preview of one which is showing the pattern details better than my version.


  1. It's such a beutiful dress! I hope you get a great weather in Paris to wear it!
    Enjoy your trip, I remember a couple of cool fabric shops below the Montmartre Butte :)

  2. Looks wonderful, Sigrid, and definitely a sign of Spring. Enjoy your sewing trip to Paris! Can life get much better?

  3. It's beautiful, Sigrid! Hopefully we'll see pics of you in it? It's always wonderful to see how your attention to fit results in such flattering garments. Enjoy your trip to Paris.

  4. Burda's instructions are always fairly bad, especially for complicated projects; I've run into this lately as well. That said, this is a great dress! Enjoy your weekend in Paris and I hope that you take lots of pictures so that we can live vicariously.

  5. What a fun thing to do! Look forward to seeing the dress on.

  6. Have a great time ,I am thinking of you all see you at the next meet up. Looking forward to seeing all the dresses.

  7. Congrats on finishing the dress with time to spare! I had my eye on this dress -- thank you for the heads up regarding the instructions. Have a fun time in Paris, and I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  8. Your dress turned out beautifully. Look forward to seeing a wearing shot.

  9. What a lovely dress, Sigrid. The style works so well with this subtle print. I hope you had a beautiful time in Paris. Perfect time of year to visit!


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