Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Burda blouse, April 2021

It's been again quite a long time since I posted. I won't bother you with the details, I'm well but illness and mourning has been part of the past months. 

Now it's time to get back to some sewing. A relatively easy blouse from Burda April 2021. 

A good preparation for when spring will finally arrive, it's been cold, raining and storming most of March here. I look forward to wearing this blouse.

I made this blouse before, in March last year and loved to wear it. So when I was looking for something to make from this fabric I remembered this pattern and as it was already traced and ready to use an easy choice. I had only about 1.20 meter as I bought it with the intention of making a short sleeved blouse. The facing has a seam as it couldn't be cut twice from that length in that amount of fabric. The little tricks we use to make a fabric work!
Below my first version of this blouse.


  1. It looks really nice Sigrid. I hope that the weather turns and that the spring finally will come.

    1. Dank Dorothé, lenteweer zou fijn zijn