Saturday, November 19, 2022

A burgundy red suit

I realised that I have not published anything of what I've sewn in my sewing week in October. The coat plan was abandoned because I was so unsure of the pattern and didn't want to spend that precious sewing week and ending with a garment that I was not happy about. Well, we can always change our minds😀

So I worked on a suit instead. Burgundy red, quite uncommon for me but I have decided that this winter I would not only sew black ;). My winter wardrobe was getting a bit boring!

Both garments were made with Burda patterns. The trousers are from the March 2019 issue, the jacket from the August 2019 issue. 

As always the inside got some extra interfacing, shoulder placket and sleeve head. 

A special lining is always fun! 

I've worn the suit a few times already. Thought it might be formal, but it doesn't feel that way. 


  1. What a lovely suit . Great outcome for your sewing week

  2. Wat een strakke creatie. Die coupeverwerking bij de sluiting voor is prachtig. Heel mooi geworden. Dit is zo netjes gemaakt. Groetjes Dorothé

  3. Lovely looking suit. Looks timeless. Carol

  4. This is just wonderful! I love the lining. Nancy K

  5. A beautiful suit. Your lining is spectacular.

  6. It's BEAUTIFUL! I really love that blazer and this fabric is a perfect match.

    Really, really lovely work.