Sunday, September 18, 2022

Dress for my daughter

 I wrote about my fear of cutting the fabric for this dress and of course I did cut it. I left it on the floor for a night before taking my scissors and do it. In the meantime, the dress is finished and the wedding of my daughters’ friend was last Friday. 

We both were happy with the result and she felt very good wearing it. It was not the easiest of fabrics to work with, it had been a long time since I had sewn with pure silk. I didn’t want visible topstitching and after seeking the advice from a friend I used a prickstitch. Being very critical myself there are a few points where I could have done this better, but it’s okay😊. With my daughters’ permission photos of her wearing the dress.


  1. It is SO beautiful! You did a wonderful job on this dress. Your daughter is gorgeous.

  2. Lovely. You did a wonderful job and she looks happy and confident. Well done.