Tuesday, August 23, 2022


 Thank you for the comments, how sweet to know I’ve been missed😘. It means a lot!

Let me show you a project I made this year ( doing a bit of catching up).

It was inspired by a photo I saw online and I just had to make it. What helped too was that I bought a set of tube turners shortly before and could practise using them. 
First I made a lot of fabric tubes, then I braided them onto the layer underneath and used the whole set in an Ottobre pattern with a raglan sleeve.

It’s been too hot here recently to wear this top, but it already was a favorite in spring. 


  1. Glad you turned comments back on, so we could tell you how glad we are to see you here again 😁

  2. So great! Gives a simple top a elegant twist.
    (And great to read from you again. I recently moved my feed reader to my new computer and purged some URLs, so I am very happy I did not give up on yours.)
    Reminds me I have been wanting to try that, too. Guess I should finally get myself a tube turner.

  3. Beautiful. And, clever.

  4. That is beautiful Sigrid!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Looks great. I see possibilities for my scraps to use. How did you take the stretch of the tubes? Dorothé