Monday, November 11, 2019

Reducing bulk - serged seam

After a more complicated garment like a jacket it often feels good to do a few less time consuming projects. This time it's knit tops for me. I've cut a few and am sewing them one at a time. Not really production sewing, as they all need different colour thread. Still very instant gratification though.
One of the garments is a cardigan, cut from a more substantial fabric. Using a thicker fabric and sewing it with a serger means seams can have a lot of bulk when you have to fold a seam. In this case it's the seam of a neckband.

My solution is clip the seam at the point where it's folded, but not clip the thread that is forming the actual seam, press in different directions and fold over . The result doesn't show that much of a bump.

For comparison I made a quick sample of the result without clipping the seam too.

The version which I made with the clip is at the bottom.


  1. So brilliant, so simple! I will use this technique. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful. I had thought of clipping but was concerned about clipping thread. It never occurred to me to clip fabric but not the thread. Thank you!