Friday, October 25, 2019

A sweater finished

I've quite a bit to show, it's been a productive few weeks :). Mainly because I enjoyed a lovely sewing week together with my sewing friends. This was the 8th time we did this and it's been so lovely again. It has evolved in a week that's almost as much about cooking and enjoying meals together as sewing. And of course chatting, sharing ideas, fitting help etc. Perfect "me" time for all of us.
Over the next week I'll try to show the sewing results, for now I'm sharing the sweater I made. It's a combination of a ziggurat pattern by Asa Tricosa, inspiration I found in another design and cables.

The cable is from the book "Knitted Cable Sourcebook" by Norah Gaughan. Very inspiring! I took one of the cable charts, flipped and rotated and came to this design.


I'm very pleased it worked, as this is more "free-style" knitting than I"ve ever done before. Something warm to wear during cold winter days.


  1. Your jumper is marvellous, well done. x

  2. It's really wonderful. What's the fiber content

  3. You should be so pleased, this was a major redesign and is really impressive. I especially like the way the back emphasizes the hour glass shape.

  4. Thats a really cute jumper. You are so clever. And you are so blessed to have a group of friends to meet up with and have so much in common. Looking forward to seeing what you made.