Saturday, March 17, 2018

The difference a shoulderpad makes

I’m working on a spring jacket. This time I’m not using many tailoring techniques I wanted to make a “quick” jacket, to be combined with a few other items, still to be sewn.
The pattern is Vogue 1439. Out of print but still sold at Vogue patterns.
This picture from the Vogue website shows the jacket worn with a cowl neck top, not a good choice for this style jacket. Not a very flattering photo.
My fabric is totally different and not showing the design lines as well. I will go into more details on the pattern and what I changed in another post but wanted to show you the difference a shoulderpad makes.
In the first picture the sleeve on the right hand side (picture left) has a shoulderpad pinned to it, the other not.
jacket 1
A few minutes later, the other shoulderpad is pinned too. Can you see that it lifts a bit and als stabilizes the front? I interfaced the front pattern pieces, but did not make a shoulder shield as I mostly do in jackets. But I did add sleeveheads and shoulderpads as I think it hugely improves the appearance of a jacket.
IMG_0595 (002)
It’s a rather close fitting jacket on me, only suitable to wear with a simple t-shirt or camisole, but that’s fine. I hope to finish this jacket very soon.


  1. Oh wow!! what a big difference! I never could have figured that out if you didn’t explain.

  2. I always love your jackets. Is this one lined?
    I can't imagine an unloved jacket with shoulder pads...

  3. Great jacket and great commentary on the shoulder pad differences. The stabilising effect on the upper front area really does make a big difference. As well as the pad, putting in a sleeve head gives a very sleek finish to the shoulder line as well - jackets can so easily be let down when the lack it.

    Although the pattern is OOP, the turned in collar and neckline features are very current; I'm surprised that Vogue have withdrawn it.

  4. looks great, and I agree, the shoulder pad does work to create a nice structure in a jacket. good example.

  5. Thankyou for this demonstration! I never realized how dramatically a shoulder pad affects the whole fit across the front upper chest and neck. I bought some jacket patterns a while ago not realizing they would need to be constructed with shoulder pads and I had no idea how to change the pattern so it wouldn't need a shoulder pad and now looking at your demonstration I realize my instinct was correct in assuming the jackets would have been a total fail :)

  6. Beautiful fabric for this jacket. Thank you for detailing your construction always a great inspiration.


  7. I am surprised at the amount of people that don't realise the benefits of a shoulder pad, and you have shown the benefits perfectly. I look forward to seeing more.

  8. Awesome to see shoulder pad love proved once more. It really can solve fit issues and certainly makes the wider of us, in the hips anyway, look a bit more balanced in our shape. Great post, Sigrid!