Monday, October 10, 2016

First steps

Thank you for your kind comments on my posts last week, it feels good to be back again. And a special thank you for those of you who gave suggestions or links to information on making a men’s shirt. Very helpful.

A side note on comments: I can’t reply to individual comments on my computer, somehow that’s only possible viewing my blog on my phone (must be browser specific). As I prefer working/typing on my computer, I don’t often reply to individual comments. Just know that I read and love them all).

Isn’t it strange, that somehow making a men’s shirt felt a bit intimidating? Like Nancy said, I’ve made a lot of shirts for myself. Also I”m not scared of (more) difficult projects and still a men’s shirt sounded like unknown territory. It isn’t actually. Once I was busy with cutting out the pattern pieces, sewing the yoke to the back it’s the same. The technique for sewing the sleeves and the side seams are a bit different, but other then that it’s about finding/using the right interfacing for the collar (heavier than a women’s shirt).

Working with a striped fabric is not new to me and I can get very ocd about matching stripes. Did a good job here I think.


I did the chevron stripes in the way Pam Erny describes it here. Don’t know how I did not think of her tutorials, as they are so good and she’s a professional shirt-maker.

For the other pattern pieces I roughly matched the stripes, cut around the pattern pieces (to which I added seam allowances this time) and then matched the stripes for each individual piece before cutting at the seam allowances.


As you can see the fabric of the two layers shifted a little before the final cutting. A bit more time but for me a necessary step.


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