Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why use a pressing roll

Just a quick post showing the advantage of using a pressing roll. I’m assuming you know an ironing board and iron are as important as a sewing machine. I guess as much time is spent pressing seams as sewing them (even more perhaps?)

Two seams in a test piece of my ponte knit. No significant difference on the wrong side.


Same seams on the right side:


The seam on the right was pressed on a pressing roll, the left one flat on the ironing board. The imprint when ironed flat is visible in this fabric when ironed flat. This does not happen using a pressing roll. A roll could be made from a piece of round wood (broomstick) with a towel around it.



sewingkm said...

I keep my 40 year old sleeve pressing roll right by my ironing board and use it on every garment sewn. Thanks for posting this!


MAD14kt said...

I keep telling myself I am going to use my pressing tools more ... But I don't :( Thanks for the reminder :)

L said...

This is a great reminder to take care when pressing.

couture a la mode said...

Hi Sigrid, this dress is going to be fabulous!!! Can you share with us if you started with a pattern, or did you draft from scratch? Thanks!