Thursday, March 25, 2010


Wednesday I visited the Haute couture exhibition in The Hague. The museum is a piece of art itself, very beautiful designed by Berlage and in a nice area of the city. It’s a great venue for such an exhibition. Now there is an exhibition on the painter Kandinsky too, and that’s next on my list to visit and then I will visit the couture exhibition again as well.

It is a lovely exhibition, you can see the garments mostly from very close distance and they managed to get some really great garments and styles together. Recent collections have a bit more emphasis, though there are also quite a bit of older pieces.

What was lacking was good, easily available information on the garments. It was only in the second or third room that we found out that the basic information we were looking for with a row of garments (date, couturier, fabric for example) was on a wall in small print on the other end of the room.  Not very helpful and there was no leaflet either to take with you.

All the eye candy made up for that though, and it was fun to visit with Valerie, who I met last year through my blog and our shared passion for (lingerie) sewing.

The museum allows photography without flash, so here a few pictures to share.



??? No explanation on the use of this or how it’s intended, but there are pins (and nails) in the bust. And look at the pinholder on the arm.

Chanel (1938 I think it was), great work with the godets/darts

Chanel 2009


Now off to sew the lining in my jacket.


  1. This looked like a lot of fun, I'm jealous. I especially liked the back of that Chanel dress, restrained embellishment, beautiful.

  2. Love that last chanel jacket. It looks like a beautiful exhibit. too bad that they didn't provide more information.

  3. Wouldn't you love to be able to handle those clothes and look at the construction? Wow.

  4. Wow! How wonderful to visit such an exhibit. Good on your jacket. I like it with just that pocket topstitched - it gives more emphasis to the pocket and less to the shaping of the body.

  5. What luck! The visit to the museum seemed to be fun, I love the blue dress of Chanel. Beautiful!

  6. Love at first sight with this 1938 Chanel dress!

  7. What a treat a visit to the museum for a fashion exhibit. I love that dress with darts and godets.


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