Monday, June 8, 2009

Top for my daughter

Last week Lindsay T wrote about sewing for her daughter that her modus operandi is: "make it fast, make it easy". She's right, when the lifespan of a garment is one season, I don't make it very difficult either, certainly not on a summer top like this.

In the BWOF top I omitted the lining, there's no real need for it, and there are layers enough....

From the point that I wrote about yesterday, my next step was to measure the length of elastic needed on my daughter. Don't know if that's close to what BWOF gave as length, I go for what is wanted.

I sewed the elastic in the round, measured it in 4 equal pieces, did the same for the top of the dress and stitched the elastic to the wrong side of the top, in the seam allowance (DD cut this top, she's not cutting very straight lines yet, no problem really, as we mark actual stitching lines).

Before folding I trimmed the seam allowances at the turning point of the side seams.

Then I stitched with a zigzag at the top of the elastic (still at the wrong side). Then turned the elastic and stitched in the ditch at the side seams. The elastic is not visible from the inside.

That's all I did. In wearing this top it must become clear whether this is enough and the elastic stays in place and will not turn. I don't think it will, it's wide (the extra zigzag you see in the picture is because it's "maternity" elastic, the only wider elastic in the house, I used it sometimes in pants for my children when they were much younger). Inside it could be neater, but I'm not going to bother.

In the way I did this, there are far less layers at the seam than in the way BWOF described. In this case I don't understand the pattern makers.

BTW: Marita made it too for her daughter, and is going to write how she did this top and will probably have another take on this pattern. It's good to know that the problems with this top can be solved in more than one way.

Pictures on my daughter later I hope.


  1. Oh this is cute! I like the bodice top...especially the gathering at the side and the way you added the elastic.

  2. I two daughters 17 & 13 so I know all about the "so last season" attitude. Love that top.

  3. Lovely top. Great color for the summer. With my 2 d's (20 and 13) speedy sewing is the only option,and then washability is major. Any clothing item could/does end up in the college dorm washing machine with towels, or on the bedroom floor!

  4. It looks good. Very cute and a lovely colour.

  5. Problems aside it's very pretty. Love the color. I know my daughter would love it.

  6. I totally agree--for disposable fashion, use disposable methods. This will look so cute on your daughter!

  7. Turned out great! Yes, quick and easy for those with fickle fashion tastes.

  8. oh I'm glad you made this! I really liked the style but I can't sew it for a while as it'd interfere with my line (just got my new date - 29 June btw!). Thanks for the tip on omitting the lining, I think this is a much better way as you've already got so many layers...

  9. This top turned out great, and I love the color. Our daughters are very, very lucky that we can sew for them. At least your daughter is showing a desire to sew on her own—mine says "no way!"

  10. Beautiful! I'm about to cut this top; I will decide what to do as I go (I don't know if my lightweight jersey will be too much bulk or not, so I'm not excluding following BWOF's instructions just yet) but your notes and Marita's are very usefull to me

  11. I couldn't figure out why the lining either, considering it couldn't possibly be see through with even half the layers called for! Looks great and it is a wonderful color.

  12. Hee, leuk zeg, deze heb ik afgelopen week voor mijn dochter gemaakt (12jr) Ik ga er nog schouderbandjes aan zetten, ze trekt 'm nu steeds omhoog, hoewel 'ie strak genoeg zit, met een tunneltje met elastiek aan de bovenkant.

    (Hee, how nice, I made this one for my daughter (12). I'm going to attach shoulder straps, because she's pulling up the shirt all the time, although I made a tunnel with elastic and it's tight enough.

    Greetings, Esher


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