Thursday, April 16, 2009

A new project

Very slowly I'm starting a new project. I've been busy and not too well last week, so my sewing mojo was completely gone. Tonight I made my first step to a new technique for me: piping. I must confess that I've seldom done that, and I think it was only on pillow cases a very long time ago. With more knowledge by reading sewing books and blogs I was tempted to try this. The new generic zipper foot is also a helpful tool.

The first result, one corner is not quite as it should be, I must practise a bit more. I used a piping tape that can be bought per meter. The fabric is linen.


The project I have in mind for this is a vest from the BWOF February 2008 issue. Pefect to play with the stripes and add a bit of piping. I'll omit the ruffles. I might pair it with the pants from the Vogue 1066 pattern (the Badgley Mischka pattern) in the same fabric. It will be May before I get to that, as we're spending a holdiday week in England the last week of April and I want to loose a bit of weight before I allow myself to make pants again.



And especially for JoanneM a picture of the line drawing of the Knip Mode jacket with the special folding (and the Dutch "vouwwerk" means folding). Pity the line drawing of the back is hidden in the most essential part: the peplum that has also folding in the back. A better picture you can find on the front of the magazine here.


  1. I've been waiting six months to loose weight so I can make pants. I'm still waiting. :) And I know the minute I do make pants in my best fabric I'll lose weight. LOL!

  2. Love that Knit Mode jacket! Gorgeous! Cute vest also.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I keep delaying sewing as I want to lose some weight. I refuse to accept this is how I am going to be forever. Soon, I am
    I have also delayed using my piping foot I bought a few years ago. Not sure the reason for that. Love that vest and it will look great in stipes.
    Ha, ha...I was just about to finish my comment and type in the work verification - and guess what it was - pantless!!! Something spooky here.

  4. I'm not waiting and maybe I'll have to take them in. Worse things could happen.
    I keep wanting to make a piped something. I even went so far as to buy some ready made in my last trip into NYC and a generic foot as per Kenneth Kings instructions. That was the end of January. Have you seen any piping? Nope.

  5. That will be a beautiful vest on you. Piping is fun and I'm now considering buying a piping foot, but I'll probably still baste in place first. Especially the silk ones.

  6. I like the piping with the striped fabric.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  7. Love the technical drawing of the jacket. I find I have to look at it several times and come back to it. It really is intriguing! I don't think I have seen anything like this before. Thank you for the picture! Let us know if you decide to make it-you will have many interested followers!

  8. I really love the look of piping. But I rarely do it as well, it's just that it takes extra time. I still have to make a wool jacket with leather piping but am dragging my feet on it. Really, there are so many things I want to sew, that I'm suffering from sewing paralysis because of it. That and my schedule is so busy right now.

  9. Oh I'm excited that you are entering the world of piping! I am sure the vest will be stunning...can't wait to see how you work this out.

  10. Piping just takes a little bit of practicing and I'm sure that vest will turn out awesome!


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