Saturday, October 22, 2016

Time flies

I had absolutely no idea it’s been almost two weeks already since my last post. In my mind it was only a week. My son’s shirt is a bit further as it was 12 days ago, but I took off the collar and stand because I was not satisfied with it and will have to redo the stand. It’s on hold for a moment, as preparation for my annual sewing event took precedence.

Since Wednesday I’m staying in Canterbury (UK) with my group of sewing friends, having great fun and sewing together. Lot’s of chatting about sewing in general, (specific) patterns, fabrics etc. What could be better?

My project is to sew a winter coat. I made two muslins prior to the event and decided on one of them, with some alterations to the style.

This is the back of the first muslin, a beautiful Marfy pattern with very special design lines. The pattern was in my size by the size charts, but too small. I had let out seams already but there was not enough space at my back and the raglan-type sleeves and couldn’t move my arms properly. Too much alteration needed to be comfortable, so this was not the pattern I have chosen to make.


This is a Burda pattern in a very different style. Shorter, pleats in front and back, regular 2-piece sleeve and collar that is partially left open. Nice idea, but in discussing all options and ideas with my friends, I decided to change the collar.


A quick picture of how it was looking this afternoon. In the meantime the hem is properly done and a sleeve is attached. Not the most flattering look with this dress underneath. (do you see the table with magazines and pictures?) The coat is fully interlined with cotton to make it warmer, as the fabric itself was just a tiny bit too thin. Must remember to take some inside pictures tomorrow.


Our sewing tables and sewing machines.


To the friends who could not join us this year: we’re missing you!

Hope to at least finish the outer layer of the coat tomorrow, which is the last full day we have, time flies too fast for this weekend too.


  1. The color and style are wonderful! Coats are so worth sewing.

  2. Looks very promising. Sounds like a very fun annual event!

  3. I will try for next year looks like a lot of fun

  4. Your new coat is coming along nicely. Love the rich colour.

  5. nice color. Look like a great coat


  6. Lovely style and great colour on you!

  7. It looks like you have a lot of fun! the coat looks already beautiful.

  8. This coat looks like it has lovely style lines. It is looking fabulous already.

  9. Mooi model net als de kleur en als ie klaar is kun je hem gelijk dragen want het is er inmiddels weer voor.


  10. I'm so glad you used this fabric. It looks amazing and is too good to waste!

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