Monday, March 31, 2014

Pattern drafting – dress version 2

This wonderful spring weekend I did not do a lot of sewing, instead I enjoyed the weather and went for a long walk on Sunday. We got lost a bit and it was even longer than planned for, and together with the running I did on Saturday, I was exhausted yesterday evening.

Based on the comments I did manage a few alterations though at the pattern and made a quick second muslin on Saturday night. The shoulders are 1 cm wider, which made the neckline go up a tiny bit, just enough to be more comfortable. The original pattern was followed more closely by adding a bit of the bust dart onto a dart following the diagonal line. The remainder of the bust dart was shifted to the line where the upper part and diagonal line meet. Clear as mud?

This time the right shoulder doesn’t seem as much off as in the previous muslin, but the sleeves are not in yet. The back looks a bit too long, which I couldn’t really see last time as I had put in a zipper that was too short.



I’ll discuss the result with my sewing teacher later this week and hope to sew the real dress really soon.

And for those of you interested in pattern drafting, through Pinterest (Vicky, thank you!) I found this Australian site with awesome illustrations of designs and the way the pattern is constructed. Very, very informative. A wealth of knowledge shared.


  1. OMG! Thank you so much for passing on that link to the pattern drafting site. I love it! I am always wanting to know how to do those interesting drapes and now I have some clear illustrations on how to do it.
    Very inspiring.

  2. I have always admired someone who makes a second muslin to get the right fit before cutting on the actual fabric. I am way to lazy for that which means that usually my finished garment is still full of mistakes and then I am unhappy. I checked out the link you provided, definitely something I need to take advantage of. You are off to a great start. Can't wait to see the finished project

  3. This is looking much better and so pretty in the pink. As far as the link, I found that one recently too, and it is fascinating. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention. I think sometimes it is easy to assume we all look at the same blogs.

  4. The top is coming along but the back is a bit long isn't it? No doubt your teacher will have an answer for that. Amazing what you can find via Pinterest or Facebook. That site is great and she has workshops - but in Sydney (a bit far but doable). Maybe one day :)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the link to my blog. Good work with testing your pattern with muslins. Always pays off to be thorough with your testing. :) Anita - well-suited.


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