Sunday, December 1, 2013


Excuse the face,not the most favorable photo, but the best one of the jacket. Also the photo’s of ponte  material show every little thing. which makes me (again) not so happy about the result in the photo, while the real life jacket is quite nice.  I don’t like the combination with the skirt as it accentuates my waist/hip difference too much. I will probably wear it more with a pair of jeans or trousers.


On the inside I used Liberty bias tape that I bought in Paris last year. I never finished a jacket in this way before. It’s a nice detail.

In the meantime I started working on a muslin for a motorcycle jacket for which I plan to use this fabric I bought in New York recently.


When browsing the internet for inspiration on motorcycle jackets I found this one (throughs Shams Pinterest board). Only saw it after I bought the fabric, and it confirms my idea that it’s an interesting combination this fabric and a motorcycle style.



I started with a size Medium for the KwikSew pattern, which is too large in the back. Also the shoulders look a bit wide, Before I sew the sleeves on this muslin I will change the shoulder line and the upper part of the sleeve to a size small. I don’t have a lot experiences with KwikSew patterns so I was quite unsure about the size to choose.

I think I need a little more space at the hip and much less in the wais area. There is a bit of tweaking to be done on this pattern for me as I would like the more fitted look of the jacket above.

And then I hear that January Burda will have a pattern for a motorcycle jacket (thanks Clare), A preview of the issue is published on a Russian blog.I think the second zipper is only decoration, but it looks great. If my changes don’t work I can always wait for this issue (will have to wait till the end of December then).



Perhaps I should use another pattern for a jacket (with a more fitte shape) and incorporate the motorcycle collar in it. What would you do? I love to hear your thoughts on it.


whatdianadidnext said...

Lovely! The jacket looks great inside and out. Also, loving the idea of the lace biker. It's gonna look good :)

Linda said...

I made the KS jacket you are muslining (is that a word)? KS patterns run large. I usually go with Small while in other patterns-Vogue, Butterick -I go with medium or 14 in the upper chest area.

The jacket is boxy and I took it in quite a bit when I first sewed it and it could use some taking in now.

I like some of KS patterns, in my experience they run large and have quite a bit of ease. Once you have sewn with them some you just instinctly make usual adjustments and go with smaller fit.

I like your fabric choice and the green lace jacket photo is fantastic looking and very inspirational.

cidell said...

I was just going to ask why a Kwik Sew over a Burda (they seem to publish a bunch of these). That said, I am sure the KS directions are much better detailed. The new one from BS looks wonderful!

I love the purple. The seam details are great.

cidell said...

Oh, and that lace moto is FABULOUS!

Vicki said...

Burda has a lot of the motorcycle style jackets over the years. Perhaps one of those would fit better? Like your purple jacket. Very chic.

Bunny said...

Those are both great patterns and I know you will work the fit out whichever one you decide. I love the two vertical zips on the Burda, a nice flattering detail.

pdiddly said...

Love the finished jacket and look forward to seeing it in real next time we meet.

I also love the lace version of the biker jacket - I have the same pattern to make up my sued, but my original inspiration was one with a double zip so looking forward to seeing the Burda pattern turn up. will be watching to see how the other pattern makes up too.

Nancy K said...

On my computer the jacket looks great. I love the color. Smile it looks good on you!
I love the idea of the lace and laminated fabric becoming a motorcycle jacket! I will be gorgeous.

shams said...

Your jacket does look great, Sigrid! And now I get why I had a bunch of new Pinterest followers today. ;)

Karien said...

Ik blijf toch denken dat zelf tekenen vele malen makkelijker zou zijn dan wachten tot het juiste patroon voorbij komt! Alles op je eigen maten. Ik heb makkelijk praten, heb alles nu nog in mijn hoofd zitten, binnenkort ga ik het eens in het echt uitproberen of het echt werkt zoals ik denk!

vivienz said...

The motorcycle jacket is another current 'must-have' along with a Chanel style jacket, but I agree that perhaps more shaping is better for pear-shapes. Although I like my Chanel style jacket for the overall look (Linton tweed, etc), I do think that shorter and more fitted jackets generally look better - your latest purple one demonstrates this really well as it's lovely. I'm going to hang on to see what the January Burda Style pattern is like.

Rosy said...

Love the two zippers on the Burda pattern and I think the lace pattern motorcycle is a beautiful project, please forward with it. I'm anxious to see the jacket with the fabric chosen, this will be wonderful!

Amy said...

I also love the idea for a lace or brocade motorcycle jacket. That's a really beautiful style with nice contrasts. Burda has published a couple of motorcycle-type jackets at least in the time I've subscribed. Have you looked through their archives? KS is so good at knits but I've had similar experience with the back shaping.

Gail said...

I can't tell how inspired I was by the lace biker jacket picture. Any biker jacket for that matter. Looking forward to seeing how you go while I ponder my obsession.