Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A summer top

I saw this fabric for the first time at a fabric market in April and resisted buying it. When I saw it again at a fabric market two weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought it. Abstract print, summer colors, it was just the right fabric for a summer top. It’s a good quality cotton, though sheer, so a cami underneath is a must.
Told the story before, an essential box with sewing materials is in storage by accident. In this box are my sloper drafts too. Which meant that for this top I drafted the basic sloper again and relied on it to fit properly. Two things are not quite as they should be: the armhole is a bit too low for a sleeveless top and the width at hip height should have been a bit more. Nevertheless this top will get a lot of wear when summer decides to stop by in our neck of the woods. Not now in any case.

All seams were stitched as French seams, which is a beautiful finish for a sheer fabric like this.
My bust dart is very wide and that was sewn using the French seam technique too. It makes for a small dart as you can see in the picture above.
I won’t wear this top with the collar closed, but it gives you an impression of the fit. Quite pleased with that.I drafted it using Suzy Furrer’s technique as she explaines in her Craftsy class Collars and Closures, only less wide than she uses in her demonstration.


  1. What a lovely summer top. Beautiful fabric too, to bad we still need or sweaters and cardigans! I never thought of sewing darts using french seams. Must give that a try, thanks!

  2. Picky, picky but the fit is still great and this is so flattering on you. I love the fabric.

  3. The fabric is beautiful, and I admit I agree with Nancy. If I hadn't read the text, I wouldn't know that there were any flaws in the top. I still can't see them, so I think you win! The cut is beautiful and it looks great on you!

  4. A lovely top..both fabric and fit!

  5. I'd have been tempted by this fabric too! Great top

  6. So you just whipped up a new blouse. The fit looks very good and the fabric is lovely. Great job.

  7. I love this fabric! i have bought it, too but i'm not sure, what i should do with it.

    i think u used it perfectly for you =)


  8. Fabric is amazing. I would not be able to resist either!

  9. Fabric is amazing. I would not be able to resist either!

  10. Pretty fabric. Lovely summer blouse!

  11. You will wear this so much! This is beautiful.


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