Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sewaholic and/or blogaholic

For sure I'm a sewaholic. And writing 3 posts in 2 days, and reading a lot of blogs makes me a bit of a blogaholic too I'm afraid.  I saw that I reached my 200th post this weekend. Do I "talk" too much? Well, you don't have to listen if you don't want to, that's easy.

This week I want to make the BWOF jacket I wrote about earlier. I plan to post the steps I'm making with it.

jasje 004 jasje 001First I made a muslin, no pictures of the first stage. And I made only made minor changes: added a center back seam to make a curve possible (the original was straight, cut on the fold) and took a bit out of the back waist and added a bit to the hip. On the pattern I added a bit of space to the bust area, which is just a little snug, which you can see on the muslin. Not surprising, I cut a size 40, while by bust measurement I'm a 42 in BWOF sizes. I don't want a lot of space, this is a jacket to be worn on its own, or open with a cami underneath.

The sleeve area in the back is perhaps not quite good, but I leave that till I basted the sleeve in the final garment, as fabric and interfacing will add more stability.

Like Nancy K said in her comment on BWOF patterns: the sleeve ease is perfect.

Tonight I cut the fabric. Isn't this a handy tool to add seam allowances?

jasje 011

Next step: interfacing.


Nancy K said...

That is a very cool tool! I need one. Does it have a name so that I can search for it?

toy said...

ah,, I was making a muslin today also, but I think I will make another one. that jacket looks like it will be just beautiful, I love the collar and the fabric you are planning to use

Vicki said...

It is always good to see a new post from you. And like you I think I have become a sewaholic and blogaholic and even podcastaholic (sewing related of course) lol!! This going to work business and feeding the kids business is really getting in the way!

BTW, muslin is looking good:)

Lory said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the final creation. :)

I love reading sewing blogs, it's actually quite addictive. So yeah, I'm with you on that one. lol.


paco peralta said...

Sigrid .- this jacket is fabulous, I remember this pattern and I want to come back to make it. Ahhh. I have this tool that gave me years ago as advertising items in a store ..... never be grateful enough that bonus. greetings, Paco

Isabelle said...

You definitely don't talk too much! Every post from you is a treat. Your blog is in my top list!
The only thing is, I can feel bad sometimes, when you write several in a row and I don't manage to comment on each of them, even when I do enjoy each and everyone of them.

The fit on your muslin is fantastic! You are such a fine seamstress.

a little sewing on the side said...

The more you post, the better I like it :)
Looking good there!

Little-miss-addiction said...

Yes mum your a sewaholic and a blogaholic! You have to go to rehab!!! No just kidding!

Tany said...

I am an avid reader of your blog and I only apologize for not being able to catch up earlier... My life is a mess right now...

I like the jacket you're making, just seeing it on the "muslin stage"! It will look gorgeous on you!